Beatriz del Moral Abogados



Handling of all types of administrative procedures, appeals, charges, town planning penalties, contentious-administrative procedures, ... concerning the following administrative bodies: City Councils, Island Councils, the Government of the Canary Islands, Provincial Governments, Municipal Offices for Consumer Information, ...


Advice on real estate leases and contracts for the purchase and sale of property, as well as obtaining approval for property development projects, including town planning permits, architectural plans and financing.Comprehensive administration of any form of investment within the territory os Spain, covering everything from fiscal advice and the payment of the relevant taxes to the registration of transactions in the Deeds Registry.Drafting of leasing agreements, contracts of purchase and sale, options to purchase, property development contracts...The institution and prosecution of legal proceedings in real estate claims: evictions, claims of ownership and registration, the execution of purchase and sale contracts,...


Advice in matrimonial matters, especially in matters involving foreigners who reside within the territory of Spain and whose marriages were concluded abroad.Opposed and unopposed separation or divorce proceedings as well as proceedings for the annulment of letterspacing marriages in matters involving both Spanish citizens and foreigners who reside within the territory of Spain. Proceedings for the amendment of matrimonial measures, the execution of foreign judgements, ...


Comprehensive advice on any type of problem arising in the context f homeowners´associations, the attendance of meetings, judicial complaint procedures
relating to homeowners´association levies and for challenging resolutions adopted at General Meetings, ...


  Handling of any type of criminal matter. Trials for minor offenses, speedy trials, summary trials, jury law procedures as well as all procedures against person and property.


Advice in company matters, the incorporation of private, public and off-shore companies, as well as the follow-up thereof, acting as proxies and attendance of company meetings.

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