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An international law firm founded in Gran Canaria in the year 1994, affiliated with the German-Spanish Lawyers Association, while also working in association with offices in Trondheim, Norway, Paris and Madrid.
The firm consists of a professional team who each have a command of several languages, enabling them to provide personalised service to clients of different nationalities in their own respective languages.

The firm specialises in the areas of civil, commercial, criminal law and  traffic accidents. The firm also specialises in Horizontal Property Law (Sectional Title Law), providing legal advice in matters ranging from the sale and purchase or leasing of real estate, to the acquisition of land, construction and the subsequent promotion of property.

The firm also focuses on  Horizontal Property Law, covering all problems that can arise in the context of Home Owners´Associations.


Criminal Law
Handling of any type of criminal matter. Trials for minor offenses, speedy trials, summary trials, jury law procedures as well as all procedures againstperson and property.
Administrative Law
Handling of all types of administrative procedures, appeals, charges, town planning penalties, contentious-administrative procedures,.. concerning the following administrative bodies: City Councils, Island Councils, the Government of the Canary Islands, Provincial Governments, Municipal Offices for ConsumerInformation,..
Horizontal Law
Comprehensive advice on any type of problem arising in the context of homeowners´associations, the attendance of meetings, judicial complaint proceduresrelating to homeowners´association levies and for challenging resolutions adopted at General Meetings,..
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Senior Partner. Studied at the French School, Saint Louis des Français, in Pozuelo, Madrid.Graduated with a law degree from the Complutense University,
Madrid, in 1993.
Beatriz del Moral
Born in Stockholm Sweden, working in the firm since february 2013. Speaks three languages fluently, swedish, spanish and english studied in Västberga gymnasium in Stockholm Sweden.
Carita Östberg
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